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Via San Francesco, 32 - Vernazza 19018
Cinque Terre (SP) - Italy
Phone: +39 339 2478303 - 345 4137742

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You can find the suites Sapphire and Emerald in Via Carattino at n 20, and the apartment Carattino it is in the homonymous street (carugio) at n 11, the westward part of Vernazza known by locals as "L├╝vegu". Dominated by the ancient round watchtower, it faces both the sea and village.
The apartment Visconti takes its name from the street where it is located, at n. 9, a few steps from the charming Piazza Marconi.
They are all in the historic center: in a couple of minutes you can reach both the famous Piazza Marconi overlooking the sea and the railway station. They enjoy privacy and silence as rare as precious. On the day you arrive we will meet you directly at the station or on the square to accompany you to your room and help with your luggage.

The most convenient way to reach Vernazza is definitely the train. The car, given the orography of the Ligurian territory in general and the Cinque Terre in particular, is not advised, as well as those who do not have the special pass reserved for residents must park in the paid areas on the hill, about 1 km from the town center.
In high season, the boats connecting the Cinque Terre to the Golfo dei Poeti and Tigullio can be a pleasant alternative to the more traditional means of transport.

The nearest airports are Galileo Galilei di Pisa and the international airport Cristoforo Colombo di Genova.
La Polena Camere by Federico Di Michele - Via San Francesco, 32 - Vernazza 19018 - Cinque Terre (SP) - Italy
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